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Charles P. May & Associates is a professional corporation prepared to respond to the need for an interdisciplinary approach to land use analysis, site design, and project management. The personnel of the firm are skilled professionals with experience in the areas of landscape architecture, environmental science and technology, engineering, soils, ecology and public health. Key personnel have advanced degrees in landscape architecture, and site planning, as well as being licensed design professionals in their respective fields. Collectively, the personnel offers over 35 years of experience.

CPMA provides expert consulting services to a wide range of clients throughout the Northeast. the company's clients include attorneys, surveyors, private industry, land developers, and builders, as well as municipal and state regulatory agencies. Based upon clients' needs, CPMA offers complete coordination of projects or selected consulting services. The firm also presents expert testimony before regulatory agencies and in court proceedings.

CPMA's extensive experience with all types of federal, state, county, regional, and municipal agencies, can be especially useful to private developers and land owners who must work with these agencies in the process of turning concepts into brick and mortar.

The services described on this website gives an idea of the wide range of projects work that can be undertaken by the CPMA group.

The firm is comprised of Registered Landscape Architects & Licensed Professional Engineers in New York State.

StormWater Management

  • Storm Sewer Design

  • Hydrologic Studies (HEC 1, TR55)

  • Detention/ Retention Basin Design

  • Flood Plain Delineation

  • Hydraulic Studies

Site Development

  • Commercial Site Plans

  • Master Site Plans

  • Subdivision Design

  • Site Grading

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Planning Board Approvals

  • Roads

  • Utilities


  • Subdivision & Site Plan Review

  • Wetland & Watercourse Impact Reviews

  • Environmental Impact Statement Reviews

  • Zoning and Master Plan Upgrades

  • Drainage Improvements

  • Infrastructure Studies & Design

  • Review & Supervision

Parks/ Recreation Systems

  • Golf Course Design

  • Tennis Courts

  • Baseball, Football, Track Design

  • Children's Play Areas

  • Swimming Pools

  • Lake & Pond Design

Traffic/ Transportation

  • Traffic Impact Analysis

  • Parking Studies & Circulation Design

  • Signage Regulations and Graphics

  • Trip Generation Planning

Erosion & Sediment Control

  • Residential & Commercial Plan Desing

  • Plan Review & Supervision

  • Land Stabilization & Restoration Plans

  • Soil Loss Prevention

  • Sediment Basin Design

CAD Drafting Services

  • AUTOCAD Drafting Services​

  • Architectural Drafting

  • Civil Drafting

  • Structural Drafting

  • MEP Drafting

  • REVIT Drafting Services

  • Rendering Services (2D, 3D)

Environmental Sciences

  • Site Assessments & Preparation of Environmental Impact Statements

  • Noise Studies

  • Visual Studies

  • Visual/ Viewshed Analysis

  • Slope & Topographic Studies

  • Soils and Topographic Studies

  • Soils & Drainage

  • Vegetation Restoration and Creation Plans

  • Hydrogeologic/ Groundwater Studies

  • Property Transactions-Environmental/ Financial Risks

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